Workspaces and Projects#

Experiments can be organized into projects and workspaces. A project is a collection of experiments, and a workspace is a collection of projects. See the Experiment Configuration document, which specifies the location of a newly created experiment. If a workspace and project are not specified, the experiment is created in the default, Uncategorized project. Experiments can be moved between projects, and projects can be moved between workspaces.

Getting Started#

Initially, an HPE Machine Learning Development Environment installation has one workspace containing one project, both titled Uncategorized. Both are considered immutable, which means that they cannot be renamed, archived, or deleted, and the project cannot be moved to a different workspace, although, experiments can be moved in or out of an Uncategorized project at any time.

Use det workspace create and det project create to create workspaces and projects for individuals or teams using HPE Machine Learning Development Environment. This is recommended for larger teams.

det workspace create <workspace name>
det project create <workspace name> <project name>



After logging in, the default landing page for the WebUI is Uncategorized Experiments List. This is where experiments that do not have a configuration file workspace and project are put, including experiments created before the workspaces feature was released.

Click the navigation sidebar Workspaces button to go to the Workspaces List page. This page shows all of the workspaces that currently exist on a cluster.

Click the icon in the upper right corner of a workspace card to access the action menu. The action menu always contains the option to pin a workspace, which creates an easy access link to the workspace on the sidebar. If the workspace was created by the currently logged-in user, or if the current user is an administrator, the action menu also provides the options to edit the workspace name, archive the workspace, or delete the workspace. Deleting a workspace is permanent and also deletes all projects contained within it. A workspace cannot be deleted if its projects contain experiments.

Click a workspace card to go to the Workspace Details page. This page shows all currently selected workspace projects. If a project was created by the currently logged-in user, or if the current user is an administrator, click the icon in the upper right corner of the project card to bring up another action menu. This action menu contains the options to edit the project name and description, move the project to a different workspace, archive the project, or delete the project if it does not contain experiments.

Click a project card to go to the Project Details page. This page shows the experiments that currently exist for the selected project. The Notes tab lets users create, read, edit, and delete multiple pages of notes about the selected project.


In the CLI, use the det workspace and det project commands to interact with workspaces and projects. Use the -h flag to get a list of all possible commands.

det workspace -h
det project -h