SCIM Integration#


SCIM integration applies only to Determined Enterprise Edition.

Determined EE provides a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) integration to allow administrators to easily and securely provision users and groups through their standard identity provider (IdP). Currently, the only officially supported provider is Okta; however, Determined implements a minimal working subset of the protocol as specified by RFC 7644 and is expected to work with most IdPs that adhere to this RFC.

Configure Determined#

Determined only requires you to enable SCIM and set your authentication mode and any necessary credentials.

Configure Your IdP#

When configuring your IdP to automatically push users and groups to Determined, you will need to enable SCIM for Determined in your IdP and provide it with some information about Determined’s SCIM API. This includes the SCIM connector base URL, the unique ID for users that are provisioned, which provisioning actions should be supported, and the authentication mode to use.

Example Setup with Okta#

In this example, we assume the Determined master will run at and that we are using the basic authentication mode. For more information on configuring Determined to use the OAuth2 authentication mode, see the OAuth topic guide.

First, in Okta, you’ll need to create a new Okta application for Determined or alter your existing one. Under Determined -> General -> App Settings -> Provisioning, select the SCIM radio button. A new tab Determined -> Provisioning should appear—navigate to its Integration tab and specify the following configurations for the integration:


Example Value

SCIM connector base URL

Unique identifier for users


Supported provisioning actions

Check all boxes your organization wants to support

Authentication Mode

Basic Auth






The username and password shown here are arbitrary and only expected to match the values specified in the scim.auth master configuration.

Then navigate to Determined -> Provisioning -> To App and enable the provisioning features your organization wants to use with Okta.

To configure Determined for this integration, update the master configuration to provide the client’s credentials and enable the SCIM server.

  enabled: true
    type: basic
    username: "determined"
    password: "strongpassword"

Automatically Update Users’ Display Name#

You can automatically assign display_name without having to manually modify the attribute. To do this:

  • Pass the claim name as display_name

This is already the default behavior for Okta.