Install Determined Using Homebrew (macOS)#

This user guide provides step-by-step instructions for installing Determined using Homebrew.

Determined publishes a Homebrew tap for installing the Determined master and agent as Homebrew services on macOS, for both Apple silicon and Intel hardware.

While it is most common to install the master and agent on the same machine, it is also possible to install the master and agent on separate nodes, or install agents on multiple machines and connect them to one master.


Due to the limitations of Docker networking on macOS, distributed training across multiple macOS agents is not supported.

Installation - Master#

  1. Add Homebrew tap.

    brew tap determined-ai/determined
  2. Install determined-master package. Determined uses a PostgreSQL database to store metadata, and postgresql@14 will be pulled in as a dependency.

    brew install determined-master
  3. Start the PostgreSQL server, and set up a database and default user.

    brew services start postgresql@14
    createuser postgres
    createdb determined
  4. Start the Determined master service.

    brew services start determined-master
  5. If needed, you can configure the master by editing $(brew --prefix)/etc/determined/master.yaml and restarting the service.

Installation - Agent#

  1. The Determined agent uses Docker to run your workloads. For more information, visit Docker for Mac installation instructions.

  2. By default, Determined will store checkpoints in $(brew --prefix)/var/determined/data, which is typically /usr/local/var/determined/data or /opt/homebrew/var/determined/data. Make sure to configure it as a shared path for Docker for Mac in Docker -> Preferences… -> Resources -> File Sharing.

  3. When installing on a different machine than the master, add Homebrew tap.

    brew tap determined-ai/determined
  4. Install determined-agent package.

    brew install determined-agent
  5. When installing on a different machine than the master, edit $(brew --prefix)/etc/determined/agent.yaml and change master_host and container_master_host to your master network hostname, and master_port to your master network port.

  6. Start the determined-agent service.

    brew services start determined-agent