Deploy on Prem#

On-premise deployments are useful if you already have access to the machines that you would like to install Determined on, whether that means a single laptop for local development or a fleet of multi-GPU servers.

det deploy is the most convenient on-premise option; once installed, it will allow you to start a cluster by running a single command on each machine. If you would like more control over the process, you can instead manually manage the Docker images that det deploy uses internally. If you are using Ubuntu, you also have the option of installing most components of Determined using Debian packages and running them as systemd services. If you are using enterprise Linux, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or AlmaLinux, you also have the option of installing Determined using RPM packages.

To install Determined on-premise, first install Docker. Then install Determined by your preferred method.


Store your installation commands and flags in a shell script for future use, particularly for upgrading.