HPE Machine Learning Development Environment CLI Reference#

User Guide

HPE Machine Learning Development Environment CLI User Guide

The HPE Machine Learning Development Environment CLI has built-in documentation that you can access by using the help command or -h and --help flags. To see a comprehensive list of nouns and abbreviations, simply call det help or det -h. Each noun has its own set of associated verbs, which are detailed in the help documentation. For example, to learn more about individual experiment commands, you can type det experiment help.

usage: det [-h] [-u username] [-m address] [-v] command ...

Determined command-line client

positional arguments:
    help                show help for this command
    auth                manage auth
    agent (a)           manage agents
    command (cmd)       manage commands
    checkpoint (c)      manage checkpoints
    deploy (d)          manage deployments
    experiment (e)      manage experiments
    job (j)             manage job
    master (m)          manage master
    model (m)           manage models
    notebook            manage notebooks
    oauth               manage OAuth
    preview-search      preview search
    resources (res)     query historical resource allocation
    shell               manage shells
    slot (s)            manage slots
    task                manage tasks (commands, experiments, notebooks,
                        shells, tensorboards)
    template (tpl)      manage config templates
    tensorboard         manage TensorBoard instances
    trial (t)           manage trials
    user (u)            manage users
    version             show version information

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u username, --user username
                        run as the given user (default: None)
  -m address, --master address
                        master address (default: localhost:8080)
  -v, --version         print CLI version and exit


det [-h] [-u username] [-m address] [-v] command ...

  • det: This is the main command you’ll use for interacting with the HPE CLI.

  • [-h]: The square brackets indicate that this is an optional argument. -h``or ``--help can be used to display a help message and exit. If you need information about a specific command, add the -h flag after the det command.

  • [-u username]: Another optional argument, -u or --user allows you to run the command as a specific user. Replace username with the desired username. For example, to run a command as user “abbie”, you would use det -u abbie command.

  • [-m address]: This optional argument, -m or --master, lets you specify the master address for the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment cluster. Replace address with the actual address of the master, e.g., localhost:8080.

  • [-v]: The -v or --version flag is another optional argument that you can use to print the CLI version and exit.

  • command: This represents the specific subcommand you want to execute such as list, pause, logs, or kill. You’ll replace command with the actual command you want to run.

  • …: The ellipsis signifies that you can provide additional arguments, options, or values, depending on the subcommand you choose.